Anti-Aging Skin Treatment Using the Omnilux Revive

The Omnilux Revive activates collagen and stimulates the skin for faster regeneration. Not only does it effectively make the skin look younger, but in combination with blue light from the Omnilux Blue it’s a great tool to help treat acne, heal scar tissue, and treat skin tumours.

The Benefits of the Omnilux Revive

  • Stimulates cell mechanisms responsible for regenerating tissue
  • Accelerates the healing of tissue after procedures
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Painlessly de-ages the skin
  • Treats acne in combination with blue light

De-Aging Skin with the Omnilux Revive

The Omnilux Revive emits an intense visible red light (633 nm) used to renew and regenerate tissue and stimulates active substances while facilitating their penetration deep into the tissue.

It emits a wavelength that is the optimal solution to stimulate the cells as much as possible, or to absorb active substances applied to the skin prior to treatment as best as possible.

It works to make the skin taught and stimulates the natural production of collagen. It’s ideal for fundamental non-invasive de-aging of the face, neck, and bust line. It’s also excellent for healing and as a source of light as part of photodynamic treatment of skin tumours.

Treatments last 10-20 minutes

How does the Omnilux work?

Omnilux emits a narrow-band light from LED diodes. It’s not a laser, nor an intensive pulsing light, but a completely special type. Light from the Omnilux does not contain UVA, UVB, or infrared light.

Individual treatments bring and optimal effect, intensity, and a high level of safety for the patient. Omnilux is the leader in PDT light technologies.

1 treatment

390 Kč

A package of 10 treatments

2900 Kč

1 treatment if combined with another treatment applied on the same day at our office

190 Kč