Omnilux Blue Acne Treatments

Omnilux Blue is a great tool to treat acne. It positively acts on skin cells and accelerates regeneration and the healing of scar tissue. This blue light is also used to treat skin tumours in cosmetic dermatology.

Advantages of Omnilux Blue

  • Eradicates propioni bacterium acnes, or the bacteria that causes acne
  • Treats acne
  • Offers photodynamic therapy for actinic keratosis (skin tumours)
  • A painless treatment

Treating Acne with Omnilux Blue

Omnilux Blue produces a narrow-spectrum visible blue light (415 nm). The light’s wavelength is primarily used to treat acne and stimulates active substances while facilitating their penetration deep into the tissue.

The light eradicates the bacteria that cause acne. It excels as part of photodynamic therapy when treating actinic keratosispre-cancerous skin changes, and skin pigmentation.

It is also used to treat “winter depression” caused by a lack of light in the winter. The treatment with the blue light provides substantial aid to people suffering from a lack of light in the winter months.

1 treatment

390 Kč

A package of 10 treatments

2900 Kč

1 treatment if combined with another treatment applied on the same day at our office

190 Kč