Sclerosing Therapy

Sclerosing is a non-surgical procedure used to remove a range of varices in the vascular system. Individual sclerosing solutions are applied through injections. This solution causes a transformation in the vein wall and the subsequent disappearance of the vein. The solution we use (the German-made Aethoxysklerol) is a safe compound recommended by phlebological societies around the world and it’s registered with the Czech State Institute for Drug Control.

An ultrasound of the entire vascular system in the lower limb is performed before the procedure. Sclerosing is performed while in a reclined position. After disinfecting the surface of the skin, several injections apply the sclerosing solution into a vein. The sclerosed limb is them placed into a compression sock the patient constantly wears over the next three weeks (with the exception of during sleep when the body is horizontal).


2990 Kč

(price includes compression socks)