Eyelash Extension

Treat yourself to film-star eyelashes every day. We only work with products from Glamour Lashes, which offers durable and natural lashes, as well as the best adhesives and application solutions while being vigilant about the possibility of allergies related to extending eyelashes.

We want to introduce multi-dimensional lashes (two-, three-, or four-dimensional), most-often selected by clients that are not satisfied with the thickness and length of their own eyelashes. The advantage of Glamour Lashes is the wide range of options in terms of colours, lengths, thicknesses, and curvature. The desired effect is always first consulted with a stylist that then helps the client select the application method.

Single lash method

2590 Kč

Lash-on-lash extensions

Thickening method

2990 Kč


Eyelash replenishment


590 Kč


890 Kč