LPG Endermologie

LPG Cellu M6 applies a revolutionary combination of two technologies offering exceptional results through the combination of treatments that slim down and de-age at once. The procedure combines two patented LPG® technologies – a motorized roller and valve and a synchronized sequenced vacuum that creates a new method of automatic activation of skin tissue. You can transform your body in just 6 sessions and the effect lasts for some time. The secret of Lipomassage™ is that it activates lipolysis (the breaking down of fat cells) throughout the area of application in the nucleus of the adipocyte (fat cell).

No matter the change or improvement to your curves or body that you desire, LPG offers a solution for all areas. LPG can help you slim down and shape and tighten any part of your body. It has a similar effect on your skin, which results in radiant, smooth skin with raised contours. LPG can repair a range of acquired deficiencies, remove fat from all layers, and helps you naturally and gently remove cellulite scars.


1. treatment

1190 Kč

Package of 10 + 1 treatments

11900 Kč


1. treatment

1290 Kč

Package of 10 + 1 treatments

12900 Kč