The QuickLift tightens relaxed and sagging tissue under the epidermis and removes extra skin. The incision is made below the ear and on the temple in the hairline.

The procedure takes 2 hours and is usually performed with pre-medication and local de-sensation. The person can go home after the procedure provided they are accompanied by an escort.

The result is a more natural look than with a traditional facelift. Recovery is faster, and you can do anything you’d like after only 7 days. No bandages or compression packs are needed during recovery and the results are immediately visible and last for years.

The skin isn’t tightened to the side. Instead, the epidermis and the under-skin layer are vertically raised and excessive skin is removed.

QuickLift replaced outdated traditional lifting procedures in full anaesthesia with long recovery times. The QuickLift also tightens the skin on the lower part of the neck.  This revolutionary method brings a number of benefits and is one of the safest methods available. The resulting effect is skin that looks much younger, with smoothed wrinkles. Recovery time is short and the effect lasts for 5-8 years.

44900 Kč