Most frequent questions for lip fillings using hyaluronic acid

  • How long do lip fillings last?

    That differs quite a bit from person to person. It depends on your metabolism, but usually about 6-9 months.

  • Can the lip fillings be done so they look natural?

    Yes. Natural looks are all the rage today. Everything is possible in this field, even procedures that are not obvious and bring out your beauty. I personally only use procedures that result in a natural look. That’s why I’m constantly learning new techniques from the best teachers. When picking your aesthetic care provider, make sure you examine their face. It’s basically their calling card.

  • How many lip fillings are necessary?

    This again is very individual. It depends on the shape of the lips and the face in general. Sometime 1ml will suffice, but sometimes you need 4ml, or some other amount. Don’t worry about the amount used. What’s important is a natural-looking result.

  • How many ml are applied in a single sitting? How long does it take to shape lips that require more fillings?

    A maximum of 1 ml is recommended for a single sitting so the lips remain soft and the filling can cure for 14 days, binding water to itself. If the lips require more filling, that is performed 3 weeks after the first application.

  • Can the lips be shaped?

    Yes, naturally and beautifully.

  • What sort of filling do you use?

    Juvaderm, Belotero, Aliaxin, Restylane. Each one has a specific consistency because there are different types of lips requiring different types of fillings.

  • Does the procedure hurt? Do you use anaesthesia?

    The procedure itself is painless because we apply a local anaesthetic. It’s odd, but the application of the dental block is the most painful part. It’s the same pain as when a dentist numbs one of your teeth. However, each of us handles pain differently. We always try to be as gentle as possible so the local anaesthetic causes as little pain as possible. Besides the dental block, we also use a de-sensitizing cream.

  • Does the procedure cause bruising?

    Each lip and procedure are different and sometimes it’s just impossible to avoid bruising. So yes, bruises sometimes appear, but they fade in a matter of days. You can accelerate the healing process by applying wolf’s bane cream.

  • When can you see the results?

    The lips are swelled shortly after the procedure, which disappears over the course of two weeks and sometimes sooner. Once the swelling goes down, the lips remain naturally and luxuriously full. Hyaluronic acid binds itself to water, so patience is necessary when waiting to see the results.

  • How much does the procedure cost?

    1ml of filling costs CZK 6,900