Signature Clinic

About us

The Signature Clinic and Spa creates a space where women are cared for by the most respected physicians. It’s a place where they can feel good about themselves. That was my vision when I created the foundations of this clinic.

Any woman undergoing a treatment, even the smallest cosmetic procedure, should feel relaxed. Our approach aims to meet this need. We want our clients to be calm, soothed, and satisfied after the procedure. Our clinic is a place that all our clients like to return to. After a procedure, they can enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend by the fireplace in the relaxing atmosphere of our Signature Lounge. The space is designed as a place where women can sit and unwind. Our prices are transparent and show exactly what a procedure will cost. Contrary to other clinics, we want to avoid the unfortunate situation where clients are surprised by the bottom line. We want to create an overall atmosphere of comfort while providing fair and transparent services. Those are our foundations.

A personal approach, the quality of our work, the cosmetics we use, and of course the quality time we spend with our clients are the basis of our philosophy. We don’t rush through anything. Our clients should feel good. They need time and space to ask all the questions they may have, and sometimes they just need to talk to someone. That’s how we discover our clients’ preferences, fears, and expectations, which we then use to provide them with a personalized treatment programs.

Our chief goal is the satisfaction of our clients.

Our clinic is for women of all ages!


Collecting experience from around the world, physician Lucia Hrabovská now offers her unique perspective on practical and aesthetic medicine in the Czech Republic. Her secret is in finding natural beauty through a personal approach offered to every client.

Lucia, how did you become interested in providing practical and aesthetic medicine?

It was through a friend who is a plastic surgeon. Her work fascinated me so much that I started to dig deeper into aesthetic medicine. I started to pay attention to the work of clinics and individual doctors abroad. As my interest in the field grew, I suddenly realized that this is it: that aesthetic medicine is my path.

What was that path like? Where did you gain your experience?

If we’re being honest, the path of a physician, no matter the specialization, never ends. There is always something to learn, discover, and try. I’ve collected and continue to acquire experience at (what I see as) the best clinics abroad. I learned a lot from the doctors at the Consultant Clinic in London where I realized that certain aesthetic medicine procedures can be more engaging than others.

What’s your specialization in aesthetic medicine?

I specialize on the face. It’s a part of the body that says a lot about you, sometime more than we would like. Mimic or old-age wrinkles, various asymmetric discrepancies… Those are all thigs we can play with while ensuring the client’s face still looks natural, not like a mask. I personally admire natural beauty, which is why I work hard to make all my treatments significant for the client, but imperceptible to others. Basically, I want my clients to look beautiful, fresh, and natural.

How do you work with your clients?

I want to make them feel relaxed and supported. I emphasize a personal approach because consultations ahead of the actual treatment are very important, in my opinion.
I always listen to my client’s requests and then give my own proposals. Together we arrive at a result that is ideal for both parties.

Have you ever rejected a client because of her demands?

Yes. It’s not as often as it was before, because today all women are looking for natural beauty instead of invasive procedures. But it has happened a few times. I don’t want to give someone lips that are too big for their face. I don’t want to inject Botox into an area that doesn’t need it. That would only be a poor refence of my work.

How do you understand beauty? What does beauty look like in your opinion?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If we accept ourselves for who we are and we approach life with a sense of humour, then that’s a definition of beauty that we can all probably agree with. But instead of a bit of philosophy, I’ll try to answer with my view of beauty and aesthetic medicine.
I always try to work with a client by emphasizing what her faces requires. In aesthetic medicine, it’s important to remember that beauty is in the imperfections because those are what make us who we are. They make up our personality. Basically, beauty is a natural state that sometimes needs a bit of help.

You mentioned a sense of humour. I’d like to know how that works as a woman.

It’s about not taking things too seriously, but reaching this state is rather difficult for most people. For some, it’s there right away, but it also can take years. And some never reach it.
At any rate, you need to work on yourself. In all ways. But if we’re talking about appearance, then the best is to accept yourself for who you are, including the things you don’t like. That’s not resignation. It’s not about giving up. Don’t give up on your body, but instead do something to make a change. That means finding time for yourself, be it through exercise, eating healthy, or visiting an aesthetic physician. When we make time for ourselves, we have a better opportunity to think and put our priorities in order. The better our thoughts are ordered, the more we realize our priorities and don’t sweat the little things.

That sounds great! And do you have clients that accept themselves for who they are?

Many. In general, I think women are increasingly better-balanced. That’s why I really enjoy my work. I don’t have to be artificial.

I like the way you see things. I expect that you have your work profile on social networks where we can learn more about your ideas and work.

Of course. I may not be as active as others, but I have a profile on Instagram where you can find me @dr.hrabovska. I share things from my work, but I also add in things from elsewhere to lighten things a bit 🙂.

Lucia, where can potential clients find you?

You can find me at The Signature Clinic, which will grow a bit in the very near future.

Are you preparing something new? Can you tell us more?

Yes. The Signature Clinic will expand to add a few well-respected Czech aesthetic physicians. Right now, I can only say that besides aesthetic procedures, we will also offer treatments associated with caring for health and wellbeing – slimming procedures, modern treatments for all phases of varicose veins, and preventive medicine (blood tests, vitamin C IVs, and many others). All the news will be posted to our Instagram account @signatureclinic.cz. I can also tell you I’m incredibly excited for all the changes!

That sounds great, but I still have to ask – what makes your clinic different? I’d wager there are many similar to it in Prague.

I understand what you mean. Yes, there are a great many clinics with capable physicians offering aesthetic medicine. However, I wanted to create a clinic that would meet my standards: One that not only has respected physicians, but also one that caters to all without difference. That’s why we have clearly set prices that don’t fluctuate and don’t reach astronomic heights. I always try to approach my clients on a personal level. Not just because that’s who I am, but also because it makes a difference in the result. There is nothing better than a personal relationship with your clients. That’s why the clinic as a whole will have that approach. Personal. The environment will also be adapted to this idea so everyone can enjoy a level of comfort and serenity. We don’t want people to think of our clinic as an assembly line. On the contrary, clients will be able to enjoy a relaxing visit in our lounge with a fireplace where they can have a cup of coffee and do some light reading either before or after a procedure. It’s a space that I couldn’t find anywhere else in Prague. And I wanted to cut down on long wait times.

That sounds amazing. Lucia, you have three children. How do you manage it all?

That’s a good question and thank you! We don’t have grandparents in the Czech Republic, so it’s up to me, my partner, and my ex-husband with whom I have a great relationship. And I also want to thank the heavens that I can make it work and have time for my kids and my work. I know not everyone is so lucky, so at the clinic we’ll offer a supervised children’s play area for younger and not-so-young children. That was something I kept in mind when building the clinic.

I’m looking forward to the opening of the clinic and I wish you luck. Thank you for the interview, but I still have one more question: What would you tell women that are preparing to undergo a procedure?

Thank you for the pleasant interview and I look forward to seeing you at the clinic. Just as I would tell any of our clients, I’d say: Trust your instincts and impressions when choosing an aesthetic physician. Review their work and understanding of everything that is part of visual expression. Just because someone worked with your friend or someone you follow on social networks doesn’t mean they are right for you. Follow your feelings and give yourself some time when making your decision. It’s worth it. This is about you.