Vitamin C Infusions

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant vital to the regular functioning of our bodies. It’s also proven to have a positive effect on our immune system. However, humans aren’t able to produce the substance themselves and are dependent on various foods, chiefly fruits and vegetables. However, this is usually insufficient.

Without enough vitamin C, skin turns grey, dry, the veins show through the surface, and there’s a tendency for the creation of dark spots.

Vitamin C infusions are appropriate for almost everyone, especially those that suffer from chronic fatigue, excessive formation of wrinkles, those under increased stressed levels, or those undertaking difficult physical loads, people susceptible to infections such as colds, viruses, etc., suffer from allergies, autoimmune disorders, or are undergoing cancer treatments.

Vitamin C is a fantastic aid in prevention and strengthens your immune system.

1 treatment

1500 Kč

Package of 3 treatments

3500 Kč